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[YEONDOO FARM] Papa's Farm ABC Juice 100ml*10PCS 34KCAL

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Original price $9.99
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On-the-go natural juice pouches that are made with real fruits and vegetables using the NFC juicing method!

Product Highlights

  • Fresh and natural juices made from fruits and vegetables
  • 100% NFC Juicing method
  • Natural juices without additives ,sugars ,pigment or concentration
  • Perfect juice pouch for everyone that is on-the-go!
  • YeondooFarm Papa’s Juices are made in South Korea KY

NFC method?

A method to minimize nutrient depletion is used to create a concentrated form of natural fruit juice. This method is a better solution compared to using a heated form of juice extraction. 


Brand Yeondoo Farm
Net Content 10piece
Brand Origin Korea
Flavor ABC