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Welcome to Kollecte, your number one source for pet products, dental care, Jeju snacks, electronics accessories, lifestyle gadgets and personal protection equipment. We specialize in an eclectic array of personal items and household helpers and are committed to providing you the best products available from around the world. Our goods are carefully curated for quality and value to ensure that they taste good, function properly, make life easier and are well made with quality materials and solid craftsmanship.


We are based in Cerritos, California, but our customers love our selection of authentic Korean foodstuffs, like snacks, sweets and teas. We are also known as a quality supplier of KF94 face masks, also from Korea, which are currently in high demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The KF94 masks feature adjustable ear straps, a form-fitting nose bridge, breathable fabric and wide bands that fit to the shape of the face, preventing gaps where airborne particles can sneak in.


You can be confident that our products are 100 percent safe because they are subjected to a rigorous quality control process. In Korea, if products don’t meet specific standards, companies are held accountable through large fines.


We are passionate about what we offer because we know these items can help our customers keep their families healthy, stay organized and make their house a more pleasant home. You can also find exceptional gifts for friends and family, like BTS items, genuine milk teas, fun phone accessories and unique snacks. These are items that can’t be found in standard American stores.


We help you find what you are looking for from the comfort of your living room. We stand behind our products and offer fast shipping, so you will be satisfied with your purchase. 


Let Kollecte help you get the most from your day.