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[TIRTIR] VC Glow Toning Mask 80ml

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Original price $50.20
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Product description

From brightening to lifting care with a no-wash bubble containing vitamin C
For a lively skin condition every day

Why Bubble Care?
The dense bubble formula allows the active ingredients to be absorbed into the skin more precisely and densely.
The bubble melts and penetrates deep into the skin for long-lasting moisturizing effect.
Absorbing bubbles without cumbersome rinsing or wiping is the end of K!
The soft bubble formula is soft and quickly absorbed when it comes into contact with the skin.

23 kinds of skin toning effect with rich bubbles containing vitamin C
Improves visible blemishes to internal blemishes, and makes the overall skin tone clear and transparent.

From skin texture preparation to brightening, moisture and elasticity!
For a long time the clear glow of the skin

How to use
Shake the product up and down enough to mix the contents well.
With the container upright, place an appropriate amount of bubble on the palm of your hand.
Apply gently to the face so that bubbles can be absorbed