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[TIRTIR] BBAER BBAER Shake Cherry Berry 40g x7pcs

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Key Points

1. A pouch-type tasty weight control protein shake, that can be easily eaten and enjoyed with milk.

2. Contains dietary fiber, 8 types of vitamins, 3 types of minerals, 5 kinds of digestive ferments, necessary nutrients, and collagen pops.

3. Montmorency cherry & berry flavor for a tasty diet.

4. About 290 kcal per meal (shake + 200 ml of milk)

5. HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certification.


Pure Cherry Berry Mixed Powder [mixed skimmed milk powder, milk oil {starch sugar, vegetable oil, coconut sugar, tart cherry concentrated powder (Tart Cherry Extract), fish collagen pops, seven berry concentrated mixed powder], whey protein isolate powder (whey isolate) protein, lecithin), soy protein isolate, vitamin and mineral mixed mix, enzyme-treated stevia, mixed formulation (amino mix BCAA) (L-valine, L-leucine, L-isoleucine), mixed formulation [mixed formulation {protease (fungal): HUT), alpha-amylase (non-bacterial), maltodextrin, glucoamylase, protease (fungal: SAP), invertase, lipase}, dextrin].

*Contains milk, soy, and wheat.

Nutrition facts(per 40g)

Calories 158kcal, Sodium 121.2mg, Carbohydrate 22g, Sugar 6.5g, Dietary fiber 2.5g, Fat 3g, Trans fat 0g, Saturated fat 2.4g, Cholesterol 3.2mg, Protein 11.9g, Vitamin A 175mcgRE, Vitamin B1 0.3mg, Vitamin B2 0.35mg, Niacin 3.75 mgNE, Vitamin B6 0.38mg, Folic acid 100mcg, Vitamin C 25mg, Vitamin E 2.75 mga-TE, Calcium 70mg, Iron 1.2mg, Zinc 0.85mg

Suggested Use

Take 1~2 times a day per 1 pouch. Dilute 1 pouch with 200ml of milk or soy milk.