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[TIRTIR] Bbaer Bbaer Choco Shake 40g x7pcs

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Original price $24.55
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Why we love it
This product is a chocolate shake that helps you go on a healthy diet.
This product is a pouch-type shake that can be used anywhere.
This product contains cacao powder and chocolate chips, providing rich chocolate taste and chewing pleasure.
Featured ingredients
This product contains plant proteins, animal proteins, and pea proteins containing BCAA amino acids, which helps you eat balanced meals.
This product is designed with various nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, and helps you go on a healthy diet.
How to use
This product can serve as a meal if consumed with milk or soy milk.
This product comes in a pouch so can be eaten anytime, anywhere without a bottle or cup.
Take this product twice a day as a meal to control your weight.
Take this product once a day as a meal to maintain a balanced diet.
Take this product as snack in addition to meals to gain weight.