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[TIGAKTEGAK] Lotus root Crisps 60g x 2

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  • Bugak is one of the traditional Korean foods, primarily referring to snacks or crackers made by deep-frying various ingredients, often meat or seafood, to create a crispy texture. 
  • It is traditionally made using a variety of ingredients, including mung beans, potatoes, spinach, persimmons, squid, shrimp, and more. These ingredients are layered and deep-fried, and then seasoned with salt or other spices to create a crunchy and flavorful snack.
  • It is commonly enjoyed in Korean cuisine as a side dish or as a snack to accompany alcoholic beverages, offering diverse flavors and textures. 
  • It can often be found at traditional Korean events and festivals and plays a significant role in Korean culture.
  • Lotus root is a versatile culinary ingredient known for its unique texture and rich nutritional profile. It is widely used in various cuisines and can contribute to a healthy and balanced diet.