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[the SAEM] Gem Miracle Pink Pearl Bubble Mask 50g

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  • REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR SKINCARE ROUTINE: Embrace Korean skincare with the Gem Miracle Black Pearl O2 Bubble Mask. Its unique soft gel formula transforms into a bubble O2 mask, offering an oxygen face massage. A special intensive face skincare solution, it breathes life into dull and rough skin with an invigorating micro-oxygen bubble massage
  • ACHIEVE PEARL LIKE RADIANCE: As the name suggests, this pearl O2 bubble mask aids in achieving a skin glow like a radiant pearl. Its black gel texture is easy to use, making it a good addition to your routine. The hydrolyzed pearl extract, rich in minerals and amino acids, promotes healthy skin
  • 5-IN-1 SKINCARE SOLUTION: More than just a wash-off mask, this skin clearing miracle offers 5 beneficial properties. Its 5-in-1 features include oxygen face massage, exfoliating, pore purifying, nourishing, and radiance. Make it a part of your daily regime for comprehensive skincare
  • POWERFUL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Formulated with powerful natural ingredients like hydrolyzed pearl extract, panthenol, oxygen, and papaya fruit extract. These work together synergistically to treat irritated and dark skin, and enlarged pores. The mask leaves your skin glowing and radiant like a good pearl
  • COMFORTABLE AND EASY TO USE: To achieve optimum results, apply an appropriate amount onto dry skin. The Gem Miracle Black Pearl O2 Bubble Mask is designed to be user-friendly and effective. Witness the luxury and effectiveness of this skin glow and radiance face cleansing mask working its magic


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