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[the SAEM] Gem Miracle Pink Pearl Bubble Mask 50g

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  • DEEP CLEANS WITH EFFERVESCENCE: The Gem Miracle Pink Pearl Bubble Mask offers an invigorating, deep-clean experience. This delightful, collagen-rich bubble mask transforms during application, beginning as a gel that transforms into a pink, foamy effervescence. The formula ensures a gentle pore cleanse while keeping your skin firm and hydrated, giving it a radiant glow
  • NATURE'S GLOW IN A BOTTLE: Achieve that desirable skin radiance with this gem of a bubble mask. The main secret is the generous infusion of nine types of collagen. The mask also contains Calamine and Hyaluronic Acid - skin-loving substances known for delivering an intense nutrient-rich moisturizing experience, leaving the skin with a lustrous finish
  • POWERFUL BUT GENTLE FORMULA: Despite its potent cleansing capabilities, the Gem Miracle Pink Pearl Bubble Mask boasts plant-derived ingredients that are free of skin irritants. This ensures that while your skin gets thoroughly cleansed, there's no fear of redness, itching, or other adverse reactions. The product promotes an irritation-free facial cleansing experience
  • ENJOY VISIBLE RESULTS: The use of this bubble mask presents a multi-stage transformative experience - starting as a pink shimmering gel, bubbling up as you massage, and finishing as a foam cleanser. As a result, your skin will exhibit enhanced radiance, healthier pores, and a moist finish impact. You'll enjoy noticeable improvements in skin texture and appearance
  • EASY TO USE: Using the Gem Miracle Pink Pearl Bubble Mask is a breeze. Simply apply it thick all over your face. Massage gently until the pink bubbles come up. Then, wet your hands and massage again. Lastly, rinse off the mask with lukewarm water. This cleansing ritual not only deep cleans but also pampers your skin, giving it a refreshing cleanse and rejuvenating glow