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[the SAEM] Cell Renew Bio Micro Peel Soft Gel 160ml

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About this item

  • REVOLUTIONARY EXFOLIATING CARE: Experience the Cell Renew Bio Micro Peel Soft Gel, a game changer in skincare, providing superior exfoliation and dead skin cell removal. This unique formula integrates a special enzyme extracted from hibiscus and willow bark, offering a natural AHA+BHA solution. An essential step towards achieving youthful and healthy skin
  • INNOVATIVE FORMULATION: This peel gel is enriched with a unique blend of Kombuchka extract and a potent vitamin & peptide combination, promoting powerful cell revitalization. It facilitates skin turnover increase, refining your skin texture while enhancing your complexion. Discover the secret to Korean Kbeauty with this exceptional product
  • ADVANCED PORE & BLACKHEAD CARE: Our Micro Peel Soft Gel deeply cleanses the pores, offering comprehensive pore care and targeted blackhead treatment. More than double the amount of cellulose helps soften dead keratin, ensuring maximum absorption of the product for optimal results. Experience the difference of our high-quality Korean cosmetics
  • HEALING AND REJUVENATING: This innovative peeling gel is designed to heal and renew sun-damaged or environmentally damaged cells, providing strong cell revitalization. Its skin clearing effect is unmatched, making it an essential in your skincare routine. Achieve softer, smoother, and healthier skin with this mild exfoliator
  • SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE USAGE: For best results, apply the gel after cleansing, avoiding the lip and eye area. Gently massage in a circular motion to allow the gel to penetrate deeply and work its magic. This product offers a gentle yet effective exfoliating treatment, making it an essential step for anyone seeking a radiant, youthful appearance