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[SchoolSsam] The Ddakji Slap Game(10sets)

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What’s in the box?

  • Thick cardstock (20 sheets) 
  • Traditional Korean premium paper (20 sheets)
  • Instructions 

** what’s not included: gluestick 

For each player

  • To make the 1-sided Ddakgi, you need 2 cardstock sheets and 2 Korean premium sheets.
  • To make the double sided Ddakgi, you need 4 cardstock sheets and 4 Korean premium sheets. 

How to make the 1-sided Ddakgi

  1. Collect all your necessary sheets (you should have 4 sheets total) and a glue stick 
  2. Apply glue on 1 side of the Korean Premium sheet.
  3. Place the cardstock on top of the glued side. Fold in the sides of the premium sheet that are sticking out. Repeat step 2-3 ** you should now have 2 sets of rectangles that have the cardstock and premium sheet glued together. 
  4. Form a cross section with the 2 rectangles and keep the cardstock side facing up: place one rectangle vertically then place the other rectangle on top horizontally so that it forms a cross shape. 
  5. Grab the bottom left corner of the vertical rectangle and fold so that you form a triangle. Then fold the triangle up into the middle section. 
  6. Rotate clockwise and fold the next 2 sides in the same direction as the first triangle and fold them into the middle. 
  7. Fold the last square side into a triangle and tuck it underneath the 3 triangles that you have folded into the middle so that you end up with a nice compact square. 
  8. Done! You made a Ddakgi! Have fun playing (: 

How to make the double-sided Ddakgi 

  1. Go ahead and make one Ddakgi following the directions for a 1-sided Ddakgi 
  2. Flip the Ddakgi you just made so that the flat side is facing up. 
  3. Grab another colored Korean Premium sheet from the Ddakgi you just made and 1 cardstock. Repeat steps 2-3 from the 1-sided Ddakgi instructions. 
  4. Repeat step 3 (you should have 2 rectangles) 
  5. The Ddakgi should have an opening in the middle. Place one rectangle vertically. Then place the 2nd rectangle horizontally. 
  6. Repeat steps 5-7 from the 1-sided Ddakgi instructions 
  7. Done! You did it! 

** Refer to youtube videos for a more visual learning experience **