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[Shake Baby] Spout Pouch (7pcs)

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Size: Strawberry flavor

Product Description:
The Shake Baby Spout Pouch is a diet solution that replaces your one meal with select ingredients that provides you with a nutritional balance while allowing you to eat less without starving.

It has 4 proteins, 11 minerals, and 9 amino acids giving you a balanced nutritional meal. It contains mixed Lactobacillus, fish collagen, and Hyaluronic Acid that helps supplement the meal. It also contains soluble fiber, grain carbohydrates, and oat fiber. It is a low-calorie meal of approximately 240Kcal per serving of 30g (when had with 200ml milk)

It comes in 5 different flavors:

Strawberry flavor
The chewy pleasure of freeze-dried strawberries with the soft taste of strawberries. It contains 8g of protein.

Chocolate flavor
Dark and sweet chocolate mixed with cacao nibs. It contains 9g of protein.

Grain Flavor
Grain powder including 15 grains with a nutty flavour. It contains 9g of protein.

Matcha Flavor
It is made with 100% Jeju-island matcha which has a strong, yet soft flavour. It contains 10g of protein.

Sweet Corn-flake Flavor
It combines the fantastic sweet corn with the crispy corn flake for a delicious taste. It contains 12g of protein.

This super convenient pouch-type packaging allows you to carry your Shake Baby wherever you go. All you need to do is add milk or water to your protein shake and enjoy!

Frequency and Direction of Use:

How to use
1. Pour 180-200ml of soy milk or water (for a healthier option) or milk (for a tastier and fuller option) into your pouch
2. Shake it well
3. Enjoy your protein shake

For Super Plan (concentrated weight control) replace your breakfast and dinner with Shake Baby
For the Basic Plan (weight maintenance) replace your breakfast or dinner with the Shake Baby.
For Boosting Plan (weight gain) add Shake Baby to your breakfast and dinner.