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[RE:PIEL] Silky Soft Rejuvenating Hand Mask 4 Pairs 14ml

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  • INSTANTLY SOFT AND YOUTHFUL HANDS: The first signs of aging are often on your hands! Prevent your hands from forming deep fine lines by using Repiel’s hand mask. This mask will provide intense moisture to help combat dryness and give your skin a youthful/silky texture.
  • MORE EFFECTIVE THAN HAND CREAM: We recommend you use this hand mask before going to bed so that all of the ingredients can penetrate deep into your skin. It is more effective than hand cream which provides moisture that lasts for a minute or up to an hour. You will feel a difference in your skin instantly after taking the mask off and throughout the next day.
  • RECOMMENDED FOR PEOPLE WHO ROUTINELY GET MANICURES: The UV light used for gel manicures can easily dry out and damage your skin. If you are someone who gets gel manicures often, consider taking care of your hands and cuticles with Repiel’s hand mask.
  • EXTREMELY HYDRATING INGREDIENTS: Ingredients such as Shea Butter, Panthenol, Niacinamide, and White Willow Bark are included in the hand mask to help strengthen the skin barrier and maintain smooth skin. White Willow Bark helps to prevent the evaporation of moisture in the skin and maintain the moisture.
  • K-BEAUTY ESSENTIAL: K-beauty not only includes makeup and skincare but body care as well! Repiel is a South Korean beauty brand that focuses on quality ingredients that are effective.