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[Peach C] Seasonal Blending Eyeshadow Palette 7.5g 4 Colors

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Color: 01 Sunset Grass


  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL DAY TO DAY HUES. Offering a selection of 10 versatile shades that includes matte, shimmer, and glitter formulations, this makeup eyeshadow palette presents a comprehensive range of everyday basics, ensuring suitability for various occasions with its diverse and adaptable color eye makeup palette.
  • TEXTURE VARIETY IN ONE MAKEUP PALET. Experience a spectrum of textures, from matte and shimmer to glitter and more. This eye shadow palette provides options for 3-dimensional glitter, soft textures, and finely milled pigments, allowing you to craft unique and captivating eye looks.
  • CITRUS BURST RADIANCE. Enjoy the refreshing tones of Lemon Orange and Pink Grapefruit. Carefully curated for a burst of fruity vibrancy, this eyeshadow pallette empowers you to craft eye-catching and lively eye makeup, capturing the zesty allure of citrus with a touch of pink grapefruit elegance.
  • COLOR HARMONY EYESHADOW PALETTES. Through meticulous color curation, these eyeshadow palettes offer a mindfully tailored array of shades, ensuring that each hue perfectly complements the others. Regardless of the color combination, our buildable pigments harmoniously blend in to create diverse looks without failure.
  • LONG-LASTING & EASY APPLICATION. The finely milled, highly pigmented powder of this eye shadow pallet adheres seamlessly to eyelids, ensuring a long-lasting finish. The soft, clear, high-pigmented texture requires just one stroke, eliminating the need for frequent reapplication for a hassle-free makeup experience.