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[Peach C] Cheerful Blusher 4g 5 Colors

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Color: 01 Lycheeful


  • LYCHEEFUL'S SUMMER LIGHT. Indulge in the luminous charm of Lycheeful makeup blush by PEACH C. Like a bite of soft and sweet lychee on a summer day, this pure pink shade bursts with life. The microfine powder blush ensures seamless blending for a soft and natural cheek expression perfect for any occasion.
  • RADIANT ROSINESS. Elevate your cheek game with PEACH C in Lycheeful rose blush for cheeks! Unleash a burst of vivid color with a single touch. Fine powder pigments ensure a clear and highly pigmented blush. The soft blending texture seamlessly covers for a spotless, radiant finish on your natural complexion.
  • SUBTLE GLOW. This cute blush makeup adheres evenly to pores and fine lines, use the priming powder to create a fluffy heart zone on your cheeks. The silicone oil coating ensures excellent adhesion, supporting a smooth application even by hand. Enjoy a pore-blurring finish that lasts all day!
  • SMILE CHEERFULLY. Applying PEACH C powder blush for cheeks is a breeze. Whether with a makeup brush or your fingers, a moderate amount of our Korean blush on your cheeks is all you need. The result is a fluffy blurring blusher that adds vitality to your pleasant smile.
  • K BEAUTY DELIGHT. Experience the allure of Korean beauty with PEACH C Kbeauty makeup dewy blush. Embrace the clear color and soft blending texture that define this compact blush. Discover the perfect shade to enhance your natural beauty from Lycheeful, Peachful, Mangoful, Carrotful to Mulberryful.