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[Peach C] Blurry Filter Tint 6.5g 5 Colors

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Original price $15.00
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Color: 01 No Filter Peach


  • HYDRATING MATTE PERFECTION. Peach C Blurry Filter lip color tint redefines matte elegance, effortlessly sidestepping dryness and exfoliation. This formulation gives a balance between a perfectly matte finish and lasting hydration, ensuring comfort throughout wear with this succinct and hydrating formula.
  • PERSONALIZED COLOR SELECTION. With its innovative color switch feature, you have the freedom to choose your mood by selecting from a diverse range of tonal colors. This lip stain long lasting allows for versatile lip makeup, spanning from subtle base tones to vibrant accent colors.
  • COMFORTABLE SLIM FIT LIP MARKER TEXTURE. The slim fit texture of this k beauty lip tint ensures a comfortable application on your lips, avoiding any dryness. Experience a smooth and lightweight feel, making it ideal for those who prioritize comfort in their lip makeup.
  • WEIGHTLESS COMFORT BLUR. Experience the unique benefit of a comforting blur with this Korean makeup lip stain, adhering lightly without any weight. This characteristic provides a sensation as if nothing has been applied, contributing to a natural and effortless look.
  • LONG-LASTING LINE-FILLING FORMULA. Peach C Blurry Filter Tint's long-lasting formula not only fixes the color but also fills in fine lines on the lips, ensuring a smooth and seamless appearance. This feature is especially beneficial for those seeking lip stains and lip tints with enduring color and reduced need for frequent reapplication.