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[Osulloc] Tangerine Tea 20pcs

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  • Masterfully blended by Osulloc, we offer a great variety of blended teas that come in teabags for easy use. Based on green tea or fermented black tea, these blended teas are infused with various flowers and fruits, some of which are grown on Jeju island.
  • 🍊 Notes of Samda Tangerine: Revel in the zesty addition of Jeju's famous Tagerine to our richly fermented black tea. The fresh, tangy notes of Tangerine provide a delightful contrast to the complex base tea, creating a unique and refreshing blend that is both invigorating and soothing.
  • Recommend for: Ideal for those who seek a sophisticated twist on their regular fruit-flavored teas, OSULLOC's Samda Tangerine Tea presents an extraordinary blend. With a captivating balance between tart and sweet fruity essences, this tea is perfect for adventurous palates desiring a novel tea experience.
  • Enjoy hot or iced - Prepare the tea with hot water or let the tea cool and mix it with ice for a refreshing, chilled drink.
  • Korea's #1 premium tea brand: Osulloc, Korea's most popular tea brand, cultivating and harvesting tea on Jeju Island since 1979. Osulloc is a premium tea brand worldwide and has taken first place in many global tea competitions

Tangerine Tea

Refreshing Tea that holds Zesty scent of Jeju Tangerines

OSULLOC Premium Tea