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[Osulloc] Pure Green Tea 20pcs

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  • Masterfully blended by Osulloc, we offer a great variety of blended teas that come in teabags for easy use. Based on green tea or fermented black tea, these blended teas are infused with various flowers and fruits, some of which are grown on Jeju island.
  • 🍵 Notes of Jeju Pure Green Tea: Our Pure Green Tea is composed of the finest young tea leaves, lightly steamed and pan-fired to preserve a smooth, refined flavor and crisp clean finish that connoisseurs will adore.
  • Authentic Jeju Tea Experience: Immerse yourself in the delicate softness and pure flavor that only OSULLOC can provide. Crafted from leaves grown in the mineral-rich volcanic soil of Jeju, our green tea captures the unique terroir, offering a taste that is as luxurious as the island itself.
  • Ideal for Sophisticated Palates: Designed with a discerning tea lover in mind, this premium green tea boasts a subtle yet complex profile, recommended for those seeking an elevated tea-drinking experience.
  • Korea's #1 premium tea brand: Osulloc, Korea's most popular tea brand, cultivating and harvesting tea on Jeju Island since 1979. Osulloc is a premium tea brand worldwide and has taken first place in many global tea competitions
Green tea_1

Jeju Pure Green Tea

Organic Jeju Pure Green tea with mild clean tasing aroma

Green tea_2

OSULLOC Premium Tea