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[O!GETi] Vitamin C Glow Serum Mist 80ml

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- "Revitalizing spray-type serum" which will make your skin as bright as if you are standing in the sun.
- Our serum mist contains large quantities of green tangerines and green tangerines contain 10 times more vitamin C.
- It uses the power of 'niacinamide' to brighten your skin.
Jeju Green Tangerine Extract:
'Green tangerines' from Jeju Island with fertile soil contain 10 times more vitamin C, which plays the antioxidant role, than lemon. They effectively improve the appearance of freckles and blemishes. Carotenoids in green tangerines get rid of free radicals and support anti-aging.
New Zealand Manuka Honey Extract:
Manuka honey, which is collected from Manuka flowers, has antiseptic and antibacterial effects due to the special, natural components it contains.
Peanut Oil:
Loaded with protein, vitamin E, vitamin B1, stearic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, minerals, etc. The oil helps moisturize skin and make skin soft and more flexible.
Ascorbic Acid:
-Pure vitamin C
-Blocks the formation of melanin
-A potent antioxidant
-Increases collagen production by 8 times
Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate:
More stable form than pure vitamin C to make it to the target point when taken or applied.
Grapefruit Extract: 
- Holds a large amount of water
- Rich in vitamin C, thereby softening and rejuvenating skin
- None-Irritating & Mild Skin Care for Your Priceless Skin
- The product was dermatologically tested and classified as GOOD in the Cosmocare test.
- A superfine mist spray bottle manufactured by Albea, a French manufacturer, safely delivers active ingredients into the skin.

Hold the bottle 20cm away from your face and spray the mist onto your face with eyes closed.
Spray the mist often onto irritated or dry skin.

1. Our mist can be substituted for toner.
2. Vitamin C Glow Serum will power-up the mist to perform 2 times better!


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