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[O!GETi] Black Tea Hydrogel Eye Patch 10pair

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O!GETi Black Tea Hydrogel Eye Patch 10pair
Moisturizing & Rejuvenating - Cactus Extract
Brightening & Nourishing - Royal Jelly, Honey, and Propolis Extract
Softening & Increasing Elasticity - Black Tea Extract
Black Tea Extract:
- Firming & revitalizing benefits.
- Contains a high polyphenol content.
- Polyphenols found in black tea protect against UVR-induced pigmentation, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and keeps skin from losing its elasticity.
One of the 3 Most Healthy Black Foods:
- Smooth & even skin around the eyes.
- Has strong antioxidant effects, being 2.5 times more effective in eliminating free radicals and preventing cellular damage.
Hydrogel in Its Original Shape:
- Eye patch that does not fall off.
- Place the eye patches on your skin and make sure the patches stay on for 20~30 minutes.
- Discard the patches and pat any remaining product until evenly absorbed.
  1. Refine skin with toner after cleansing.
  2. Break the foil sealing and take out the eye patch with spatula and apply over the under eye.
  3. Relax or do light activities while applying and remove the patches in 20~30 minutes.
  4. Gently massage to make the essences permeate to skin more easily.
  5. Long-time exposure to sun after unsealing might cause spoil this product. Must cover and refrigerate it.