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[MODAMODA] Zero Gray Black Hair Shampoo 300g l 10.58 oz

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  • HARNESS NATURE'S BROWNING POWER. ModaModa hair color shampoo harnesses the power of Polyphenol instead of synthetic color dye to darken gray hair, nourish the scalp, and improve overall hair wellness. It helps reduce breakage, enhance volume, softness, gloss, and address static electricity with a quick and even color transformation.
  • CUTTING-EDGE FUSION OF SCIENCE AND BEAUTY. Designed with advanced K-beauty technology and packaged to block almost 100% of light and oxygen, this natural gray hair shampoo blends innovative features with the rejuvenating power of natural ingredients like Black Sesame, Black Truffle, and Black Cherry, offering a clarifying and revitalizing experience for your hair.
  • HOLISTIC HAIR WELLNESS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. More than just a gray hair cover-up, ModaModa black shampoo for grey hair is your all-in-one solution for comprehensive hair care! From nourishing your scalp to combating signs of aging, each wash delivers a dose of rejuvenating care, leaving your hair not just beautifully colored but also stronger with every use.
  • GENTLE CARE, POWERFUL RESULTS. With its commitment to purity, ModaModa black hair dye shampoo is free from 8 harsh chemicals like silicones, sulfates, and artificial fragrances. Designed for daily use, its gentle formula ensures a soothing cleansing experience, even for the most sensitive scalps, so you can indulge in luxurious care without compromise.
  • HOW TO USE. First, lather and massage an appropriate amount of volumizing shampoo into wet hair, then wait 3 minutes for short hair or 3-5 minutes for long hair before rinsing thoroughly with clean water; finally, dry your scalp completely and allow your hair to air-dry naturally.