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[MODAMODA] Zero Damage Hair Repair Shampoo 500g I 17.63oz

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  • ZERO DAMAGE DAILY SHAMPOO FORMULA. Experience the transformative power of MODAMODA Zero Damage Bond Repair Volume Shampoo, specially designed for damaged hair. With MODAMODA’s propriety blend of Polyphenol Complex, it repairs and replenishes your hair, improving the fundamental structure and delivering zero damage results.
  • FLAGSHIP SILK CHANGE COMPLEX. Unleash the power of the Silk Change Complex. This spider-silk-inspired innovative hair shampoo technology targets hair from the inside out, improving both its inner and outer structure. It acts as a binder with Keratin, wrapping each strand to repair breakage and split ends.
  • TRIPLE ROOT CARE WITH POLYPHENOLS. Fortified with triple root care with the power of Polyphenols, our volumizing shampoo formula goes beyond surface nourishment. Enjoy a 167% improvement in hair strength and a remarkable 145% decrease in breakage, your hair becomes visibly radiant and more resilient.
  • ULTRA LIGHT CARE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES. Whether your hair is long, short, coily, curly, straight, oily, or dry, enjoy an ultra-lightweight and effective care routine for your damaged locks. This deep cleansing shampoo for locs adds bounce and volume, leaving your hair feeling weightless and soft after each use.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO STATIC HAIR! Tired of static-prone hair? This hair strengthening shampoo eliminates static, thanks to the dynamic combination of Panthenol for added strength, Ceramides for hydration, and Polyphenol Complex for shield and control. Enjoy a easy, breezy, gentle shampooing experience for hair that remains soft all day long!