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The Marble Game

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How many players:

What you need: Marbles (Same number of marbles for each player) 

Game Objective: Obtain all marbles from your opponent! If you have all marbles total, you win. 

How to Play 

  1. Make sure you and your opponent have the same number of marbles each.
  2. You have 2 choices for how to play this game: 
    1. Guessing Game 
      1. You will grab either an even or odd amount of marbles and hide it in the palm of your hand. Do not let your opponent see! 
      2. Your opponent will attempt to guess whether you are holding an even or odd number of marbles.
      3. If your opponent guesses correctly, you must hand all the marbles you are holding to your opponent. 
      4. If your opponent guesses incorrectly, your opponent must hand you however many marbles you are holding. 
      5. Continue to take turns guessing until someone obtains the total number of marbles. 
      6. Whoever ends up with all marbles wins! 
      7. Good luck! May the best guesser win (: 
    2. Tossing Game 
      1. Go outside in your backyard, nearby park with a playground or take a trip to the beach! Dig a small and shallow hole in the ground (sand will work best for this game) 
      2. Pick a spot away from the hole where you will throw the marble from. Make sure it’s far enough away from the hole that it is challenging but not impossible (: 
      3. Make sure you and your opponent have 10 marbles each. 
      4. Take turns tossing one marble at a time into the hole! **YOU CANNOT ROLL THE MARBLE ON THE GROUND** (Rolling the marble is a violation!!) 
      5. Whoever is the first one to have their marble land in the hole gets to keep all the marbles that have been tossed!! 
      6. Continue to toss the marbles until one opponent has all 20 marbles! 
      7. Whoever ends up with all 20 marbles wins! 
      8. Good luck and have fun! (: