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[KAHI] Han Gyob Skin 30ml

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Why we love it
It expresses as if a light transparent filter was added, but the effect is not light.
A waterdrop gel type that becomes friends with the skin, making it transparent with a single layer of moisture.
It is a light single-layer skin that rises above the skin and turns transparent.
Expresses healthy-looking skin with hydrated skin.
Sun protection SPF 48, PA++++ protects the skin from UV rays.
Even if you are clumsy with applying just one, two, three layers, you can express the flawless skin in detail through layering like a master.
Apply one layer for moist and transparent skin, two layers for radiant skin, and three layers for coverage.
Meet the pleasant feeling and pleasant fragrance.
Improved skin tone by 1.59% after 2 weeks of use, skin unevenness cover showed effect by 10.41% after 2 uses, pore cover showed effect by 31.13% after 1 use, moisture loss improved by 4.78% after 2 weeks of use, and skin surface moisturization improved by 45.61% after single use and improved by 32.52% after using it for 2 weeks.
Experience true lightness with a softer skin texture and a softly glowing face.

Featured ingredients
It contains 30,000ppm of Jeju ash extracted from the Fraxinus Rhynchophylla, which oozes green water when immersed in water, and recharges the skin with moisture.
The patented core technology, Filmexel (Film Excel method) with a double mesh structure, is a patented biofilm technology without adding chemical elements.
Filmexel is a component of tara fruit, which is called Doti, a seaweed native to Indonesia, so-called the green gold of the Incas.
Selaginella involvens, 4 types of green fruits, Saururus Chinensis and Bamboo, and Artemisia Princeps Leaf's Green Vitality, feel the reason for a layer of green ingredients.

How to use
At the last stage of skin care, take an appropriate amount, apply thinly according to the contours of the face, and tap gently to finish to express clear and bright skin.