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[JANGSOO] Coolskin Premium Cooling Pad

Original price $65.00 - Original price $140.50
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$65.00 - $140.50
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Size: K
Color: Grey


  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE DURARON 100%: Duraron-Cool is a brand by HUVIS, featuring proprietary, high-performance fiber with a cooling effect. This product uses patented graphene ball filling material and has received KC certification for infant use.
  • DURARON: A new high-performance polyethylene fabric recognized for its inherent functionality without the use of chemicals, providing immediate cooling.
    • Cooling Effect: Provides a cool touch upon contact.

    • Moisture Absorption and Quick Drying: Ideal for humid monsoon seasons.

    • Breathability: Ensures proper air circulation.

    • Durability: Long-lasting material.

    • Soft Touch: Gentle on the skin.

  • CONTACT COOLING: The material feels cool to the touch immediately. This characteristic arises due to thermal convection between the skin and fabric, enhancing heat transfer. Duraron-Cool has superior thermal conductivity compared to other fibers, providing an excellent cooling sensation.
  • DURABLE AND SCRATCH-RESISTANT: Made with 100% high-strength Duralon yarn, it offers robust durability against various everyday scratches, allowing for long-term, clean use and easy maintenance..
  • NON-SLIP BANDING: The mat can be securely fixed to the mattress with banding on all four corners to prevent it from moving. It stays neatly in place even when you move and toss around in bed. The cooling pad for infants does not have securing bands due to its size characteristics.
  • RECOMMENDED WHO: Experience heat during sleep, dislike the stickiness of monsoon season, Individuals who sweat a lot, and Parents concerned about their children developing heat rashes.
  • USAGE TIPS: Using a fan or air conditioner in conjunction with the Duraron material can enhance the cooling effect, maintaining a cool environment for longer periods.