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[JANGSOO] Coolskin Cool Feeling Body Pillow 100cm

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  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE DURARON 100% + GRAPHENE BALL FILLING: Duraron-Cool is a brand by HUVIS, featuring proprietary, high-performance fiber with a cooling effect. This product uses patented graphene ball filling material and has received KC certification for infant use.
  • DURARON: A new high-performance polyethylene fabric recognized for its inherent functionality without the use of chemicals, providing immediate cooling.
    • Cooling Effect: Provides a cool touch upon contact.

    • Moisture Absorption and Quick Drying: Ideal for humid monsoon seasons.

    • Breathability: Ensures proper air circulation.

    • Durability: Long-lasting material.

    • Soft Touch: Gentle on the skin.

  • CONTACT COOLING: The material feels cool to the touch immediately. This characteristic arises due to thermal convection between the skin and fabric, enhancing heat transfer. Duraron-Cool has superior thermal conductivity compared to other fibers, providing an excellent cooling sensation.
  • EASY CLEAN WASH: Duraron material is highly resistant to contamination and water-based stains, making it very hygienic. Even if it gets dirty, stains can be easily removed with regular detergent and washing, allowing white fabrics to be used comfortably.
  • CONSOLE ZIPPER, COVER REMOVAL: Easy to remove and wash, thanks to the convenient concealed zipper. The hidden zipper design ensures comfort without any irritation. An inner cover protects the filling from contamination and prevents the graphene balls from escaping.
  • OKO-TEX CERTIFIED, TORAY A GRADE CLOUD COTTON: This product uses advanced TORAY material, ensuring safety and comfort with new cotton rather than recycled cotton. The body pillow, weighing 1200g, is filled with TORAY 7-denier new cotton, providing a soft and secure sleeping experience.
  • TORAY: Supplies essential materials for various industries, ranging from fibers, films, and IT products to high-value-added specialty materials. By integrating Japanese technology with Korean quality and technical competitiveness, TORAY has grown into a global company and a leading material manufacturer in South Korea.
    • Adjustable Cotton Fill and Cushion Resilience: The inner cover of the body pillow features a zipper, allowing you to verify the cleanliness of the new cotton and adjust the amount of fill to achieve your desired level of cushion resilience. This product ensures material safety, making it suitable for close contact with the body, while the flexibility in adjusting the fill provides personalized comfort and support.

    • Compressed Vacuum Packaging: TORAY cloud cotton is vacuum compressed for shipping. After opening the packaging, insert the cotton into the body pillow cover.
  • RECOMMENDED WHO: Experience heat during sleep, dislike the stickiness of monsoon season, Individuals who sweat a lot, and Parents concerned about their children developing heat rashes.
  • USAGE TIPS: Using a fan or air conditioner in conjunction with the Duraron material can enhance the cooling effect, maintaining a cool environment for longer periods.