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[IBIM] Micro Slim Brow Mascara 0.35g

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Color: 01 CLEAR

Product Details

Micro slim brow mascara that enhances the fine texture of the eyebrows

No more clumping brow mascara! 
Eye Beam Easy Drawing Eyebrow that saves eyebrows

The unique point of I-Beam Micro Slim Brow Mascara!
✔ Point 1. slim fine brush to save results
- Densely from the root without clumping and gaps!
- Delicately one by one with a 15 degree curve brush Control is possible
✔ Point 2. All day strong vitality!
- First applied with a long-lasting formula that is strong against sweat and sebum
✔ Point 3. Healthy Treatment Recipe
- Contains 4 types of black plant extracts: black beans, black rice, black sesame seeds, and yulmu seeds to make the eyebrows shiny and healthy.

How to Use
-Apply an appropriate amount in the opposite direction to the eyebrow texture as if combing.
-Comb once more along the grain from the front of the eyebrows to the tail to fix the grain.