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[IBIM] Hidden Filter Shading 9.5g

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Color: 01 CLASSIC

Product Details

IBIM Hidden Filter Shading 9.5g

-Regardless of warm tone or cool tone
-Combination of 3 colors, Neutral beige, hazel brown, brown nut

-It is a porous powder that absorbs sebum and sweat, and it adheres to the skin evenly and maintains light and soft makeup for 24 hours without collapsing!

From light color to dark color, freely blend the desired color wherever you want!

How to Use

1. Create a V-line (chin contour)
- First, blend all three colors with the brush.
If you naturally shade along the chin line, you are done!

2. Tightly fill the hairline
- For a dense hairline, blend the two colors of hazel brown and brown nut to fill in the missing hair line!

3. Creating a clear nose bridge
- For a deeper atmosphere, blend two colors, neutral beige and hazel brown, and naturally shade from the eyebrows to the bridge of the nose to the bridge of the nose!