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[Carbony] Charcoal Far-Infrared fabric Heating Carbon Mat - Gray (Single/Double)

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Original price $230.00
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Size: Single


Carbon mats generate heat by supplying electricity to carbon fibers without using electrical heating wires. Carbon fiber heating elements generate heat by themselves when electricity is supplied, so there is no fear of electromagnetic waves or short circuits caused by electrical heating wires, and it is advantageous to increase the temperature in the body, not the surface temperature of the body, by emitting far-infrared rays.

- Upgrade point 

  1. Compressed cotton with graphene, a new self-heating material

  2. Used premium microfiber fabric

- Carbony 9-layered + self-heating compression cotton -> 10-layered structure (Premium microfiber, self-heating compressed cotton, padding cotton, mesh cloth, upper heating plate, heating wire, bottom heating plate, cotton wool, padding cotton, base paper)

- Tight fibrous tissue, soft texture, excellent warmth: Made of ultra-microfiber microfiber microfiber and goes through flannel processing to block dust and ticks with dense fibrous tissue to create a pleasant environment.

- Check point

  • Eco-friendly Korean manufacturing
  • separate heating system (Double only)
  • low power consumption