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[Heal Made] KF94 Kids - White

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Size: 10PCS


  • MADE IN KOREA: Heal Made Masks are manufactured in South Korea and are under the control of KFDA. These masks are made with high quality control to meet the KF94 standards of protection. 
  • MADE FOR KIDS: This mask is made for kids ages 8-13 years old. Protect your kids and little ones from COVID when they go to school or are outdoors! These Heal Made Masks are the best choice mask compared to other blue 3-ply masks or masks made out of fabric that does not have any filtration features. 
  • 4 PLY FILTER LAYERS: The 4 layers in this Heal Made mask block up to 94% of 0.4um micrometer particles to protect your respiratory system. These masks also have a waterproof  effect to further protect you. 
  • 3D DESIGN: Do you suffer from your mask touching your lips while you talk? The 3D structure allows for space so that the mask is out of contact with your mouth. These masks are easy to breathe and talk in! Your kids will not complain any longer! 
  • SENSITIVE SKIN APPROVED: The Heal Made masks are dermatest passed which means that people with sensitive skin will not suffer from skin irritation. You do not have to worry about your skin getting irritated from wearing the mask all day. Be rest assured that this mask will sit comfortably on your skin. 


  • Made for kids ages 8-13 years old 
  • Size: 188 x 71 mm 
  • 4 Ply Filters: highly efficient filtration system with electrostatic absorption. The 4 layers have an ultrafine dust blocking and waterproof effect. The outermost layer is flexible and has a filtration function. The middle layer helps to maintain the shape of the mask. The third layer has an electrostatic filter and blocks particulate matter. The innermost layer is made of low skin irritation fabric. 
  • 3D Ergonomic Design: The 3D structure allows for space so that the mask is out of contact with the mouth making it easy to breathe and talk. The 3D design is also helpful in preventing any irritation from occurring on the face. 
  • Super light ear band: The ear band is very stretchy and soft so that it doesn’t irritate your ears from wearing it the whole day. It is very comfortable to wear and should not cause any irritation. 
  • Anti Fog: These masks will minimize any air leakage and prevent fogging due to the nose clip at the top of the mask. 
  • Individual packaging: Each mask is individually packaged in order to create the most hygienic environment. The individual packaging also allows for you to easily carry it around anywhere and keep the mask clean. 
  • 100% Korean Made: The Heal Made masks are made in South Korea and undergo high quality control tests. All of the Heal Made masks are KFDA authorized and certified. Also, these masks are dermatest passed and are great for people with sensitive skin.