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The Dalgona Craft Set

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Dalgona Craft Set 

  • What’s included: 
    • Tray 
    • Scoop
    • Flat Press 
    • Scraper 
    • 5 different shape molds
    • ** what’s not included: white sugar & baking soda

  • How to make Ppopki 
  1. Wash the scoop 
  2. Add sugar into the scoop and melt it over the fire. When it is completely melted add a little baking soda into the melted sugar. Mix well! The color will turn brown when you add the baking soda and have a thicker texture. It may even expand in size. 
  3. Spray oil or sprinkle flour on the tray to prevent the sugar mixture from sticking 
  4. Pour the sugar mixture onto the tray 
  5. Spray oil or sprinkle flour onto the flat press 
  6. Use the flat press to press down onto the sugar mixture 
  7. Pick a shape of your choice and place it on top of the flattened mixture! Press very gently! 
  8. The sugar mixture will harden and cool down. Make sure to scoop it off the tray before it’s completely cooled down. 
  9. Enjoy! 

*** Here’s a challenge for you!*** 

  • Grab a toothpick and try your best to take out the shape and not have it break! 
  • This is a traditional Korean game amongst children! Have fun! :)