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BARAMI-5 Portable Car Air Purifier

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Color: Silver


  • Semi-permanent photocatalytic filters remove fine dust and the smell and deodorization
  • The HEPA filter to remove fine dust removal HEPA filter.
  • A strong body made of aluminum.
  • Power supply type without the risk of battery explosion due to high temperature inside the vehicle.



BARAMI-5 / sterilize & purify   semi-permanent photocatalytic filters/remove fine dust hepa filters

Photocatalysts that cause strong sterilization by catalytic reaction through TiO2 and UV-A ultraviolet rays 3M社 The highest air purification efficiency of filter women released by *MERV-18 materials using high efficiency particulate air filter to filter the airborne dust. TiO2, a raw material for photocatalyst filters, is certified by AKP (Korea Photocatalyst Association). BentechFrontier : It is supplied by Ventec Frontier Co., Ltd.

Function is High / Administration Easy

Sensors that measure air pollution.

360° Inlets  Without Blind Spot

Quiet  Low Noise System

Sensors that measure air pollution.

- CO1, methane, propane, guard alkane, styrene propylene, formaldehyde,It automatically measures and detects smoke such as cigarettes and oil.

- Determine the air pollution level in the car, automatically switch to mode,and purify the air at an appropriate rate of charge.

360° Inlets Without Blind Spot

360 ° Clean up by quickly and powerfully inhaling air in all directions.

Quiet Low Noise System

It can be operated with one touch , so anyone can use it easily.

When power is connected, the power touch LED illuminates and operates in automatic mode.

BARAMI-5, Car Air Purifier, photocatalytic Purifier , Air Purifiers for Home,Bedroom,desktop,Pet Odor Eliminator,Removes PM2.5 Dust,Smoke,Car Odor , Cleansing & purifying photocatalytic filter.

Car Air Purifier

Sensitive to smell,  fine dust  in the children's room

It requires concentration and quietness In the study room

Car Air Purifier | Car Air Fresheners|Pet Odor Eliminator


  • Vehicle air purifier specialized for vehicles
  • Fine dust removal is a given
  • From odor removal to sterilization


Sensitive to smell, fine dust in the children's room


  • Sensitive to smell, fine dust


in the children's room


  • It's quiet for my child's comfort.
  • Safe with no hazards



  • It requires concentration and quietness


In the study room


  • Even in my own space where I spend my day,
  • It keeps me quiet and safe.


Fine dust removal/air sterilization purification The BARANI-5 has been released for vehicles, but it will come with you wherever you need it with a portable battery/ a small appliance, not a souvenir.

In the stroller

in the office

in a children's room

In the study room

In the stroller

You can use it in a stroller if you take a walk with your child using an auxiliary battery.

In the stroller

The office provides fresh air for me in my own space. It has odor deodorization and fine dust removal functions, providing a pleasant office space.

in a children's room

It is a BARANI-5 small home appliance that has an air sterilization purification function and keeps it safe by your child's side.

In the study room

A quiet barami will protect you in the reading room without disturbing your studies.


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