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[ONE DAY'S YOU] Cooling Pad 2nd (80 pads)

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About this item

  • [Moisture-boosting Patented Ingredients] Bataine, Aquaxy, LORA Anti-s, Blue Complex HR
  • [Clinically Tested] The product has been tested and approved for cooling effectiveness.
  • [Highly Adhesive & Moisturizing Thin Pad] The fabric of the pad has a lot of air layers to effectively absorb the essence. The pad’s adhesiveness allows the essence’s active ingredients to be delivered to the skin and increase the skin’s absorption rate.
  • [Abundant Essence] While the pad is already sufficiently soaked in the essence, extra essence inside the container will keep the pad moist for longer.
  • [How to Use] After washing the face, gently wipe the entire face with the cooling pad. Place the pad for 10-20 minutes on any part of the skin that feels dehydrated for a moisturizing effect. *Please close the lid after use to avoid drying out the pads.