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[LashToc] Pre-Glued Reusable Eyelash 1pcs/3pcs

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$7.90 - $23.50
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Color: 01 LOVELY
Size: 1 PCS

Product Details

NG LashToc Pre-Glued Reusable Eyelash [ Set of 4 ] 

1. Lovely
2. Romantic
3. Sexy
4. Sweet

1. Separate the lash holders from the tray.
2. When handling the lashes, ensure to prevent the pre-glued areas from any unnecessary contract.
3. Separate the lash holders from the lash gently from one end of the lash holder.
4. Stick the lash onto the inner part of your natural lash line and gently press down following your natural lash line.
5. If required, cut the ends of the lashes.
6. After using the lashes, stick back to the lash holder for reuse.

Directions for the use.
1. Do not use the lashes for purposes other than intended.
2. Do not use on sensitive or skin wound.
3. If any irritation or allergic reaction occurs, remove immediately and contact a physician.
4. Keep out of the reach of children.

** Please stick the lash before the make up to reuse longer.