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[LactoFit] Probiotics KIDS(3-15yo) 2g x 60pcs

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  • DUAL BENEFIT SYNBIOTICS: Get the benefit of both probiotics and prebiotics in one product! This combination is the most beneficial for optimal gut health! 
  • TONS OF LIVE ACTIVE CULTURE: There is tons of live culture in the Kids Lacto-Fit line. It is an effective dosage to help support your child's digestive health! 
  • OTHER HEALTH BENEFITS: Synbiotics in the Kids Lacto-Fit are good for bone and stomach health and balances the immune system. 
  • CONVENIENT PACKAGING AND GREAT FLAVOR: Lacto-Fit is conveniently packaged in one-a-day pockets. Carry them with you everywhere! Never miss a day for your child’s health no matter where you are! These Kids Lacto-Fit pre/probiotics are yogurt flavored and have a great taste! Your kids can enjoy it at school during their lunch or snack time! 
  • FOR KIDS AGES 4+: The Kids Lacto-Fit is created for kids from 4-14 years of age! 
  • POPULAR IN KOREA: Our company imports Kids Lacto-Fit directly from Korea and ships them from California. Lacto-Fit is the number one selling synbiotic product in Korea! One is sold every second! 
  • The Kids Lacto-Fit synbiotics are packed with beneficial prebiotics and probiotics to help promote a healthy gut! Many health studies have shown that a healthy body starts with a healthy gut. It is important to make sure both prebiotics and probiotics are included to actually make an impact on your body! Take action on getting your child’s health in check with Kids Lacto-Fit! 
  • The Kids Lacto-Fit contains Lacto-strains which are good culture species that promote good gut health. They help break down foods, absorb nutrients and fight off bad cultures! There are tons of live beneficial cultures in Lacto-Fit! 
  • The Kids Lacto-Fit was created with your child’s health in mind! Kids in Korea love to take these supplements as a fun snack especially because of the yogurt-flavor! It has a great taste! 
  • One-stop value! From strain development to production and distribution, Lacto-Fit was developed in one place in Korea to produce the highest quality in a controlled environment! 
  • One box includes 60 individual packets for your convenience. Make sure your child takes one a day for optimal health benefits.