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NEW Packaging![KOREA Mask]KF94 Kukdae Large(5pcs/bag)-Trifold

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  • CERTIFIED KOREAN KF94 MASKS: Kukdae KF94 mask is made with high quality MB fabric that is effective in preventing airborne particles and allergens. Made with a 4-layered electrostatic filtration system, this product will filter at least 94 percent of particles with the average size of 0.4㎛ airborne particles to protect the wearer from exposure to harmful air pollutants.

  • OUTSTANDING QUALITY CONTROL: Produced by the company specialized in mask manufacturing: Kukdae adheres to strict laboratory standards and uses the High Quality Filter (MB) created 100% in South Korea. Recognized for its excellent technical skills as textile and fabric manufacturer

  • UNIQUE DESIGN : KUKDAE KF94 certified masks have maximized the length in between the wings on the side so it provides maximum comfort to the ear while providing a tight fit. The S-wing design with the soft ear strap maximizes the comfort for daily use.

  • 3D FORM FITTING DESIGN : Kukdae masks have a 3D flat-fold(tri-fold) design that prevents air leakage. Using the adjustable nose bridge helps to ensure a secure fit and stays on your face without slipping or falling off. The perfect fit prevents fogging up your glasses.

  • MADE IN KOREA: The material and masks are all manufactured in Korea