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[TOUN28] S20 Menthol/Pepermint Shampoo Bar(For scalp cooling)

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 [TOUN28] S20 Solid Shampoo Bar with Low PH Levels & For Short Hair, Menthol & Peppermint, Refreshing Scalp Cooling, Chemical Free, Preservative Free, Zero Plastic Used, Cruelty-Free, All Vegan, All Natural Ingredients, Environmentally Friendly Shampoo Bar

[HARMLESS TO EVERYONE] Products that are harmful to humans are also harmful to the environment. Using one TOUN28 Solid Shampoo Bar creates an effect of less use of 0.5 plastic containers.

[ALL NATURAL INGREDIENT]: All of TOUN28 Shampoo Bar are made with Baobab tree seed oil, peppermint oil, laurel leaf oil, kelp extract. For your hair that you wash everyday, we only use naturally induced fresh foods as raw ingredients to leave no chemical residues behind. S20 also includes Menthol & Peppermint Oil.

[FOR SHORT HAIR] A solid shampoo with the strong cooling effect of menthol and peppermint oil that retains the coolness long after washing the hair. It feels more refreshing than other shampoos and is effective for deodorization. It washes off hair products such as wax, hair spray, and gel

[Detailed, Strict, Research, & Development] More than 280 trials of solid cleanser research & development. We make solid cleansers with strict standards and are continuously experimenting and researching for healthier cleansers.

[LONG LASTING] TOUN28 Solid Shampoo Bar can be used for all day long, soft hair with greasiness. TOUN28 Shampoo Bar lasts around 20 to 25 days. (This may differ based on the hair type and environment.)