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2g Low Sugar Strawberry Raspberry Jam

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Strawberry and Raspberry Jam

  • MADE IN KOREA: The Seol Gong Granola is loved by many in Korea and has amazing reviews! Seol Gong is a company that strives to create delicious but healthy foods that are low sugar or sugar free. The sugar-free food idea was conceived out of the concern for people who cannot consume sugar as freely due to health reasons and simply for people who want to pursue a healthier lifestyle. 
  • LOW-CALORIES BUT SO DELICIOUS: The whole jar of the Strawberry and Raspberry Jam is 34 calories. You don’t have to feel any guilt for spreading a good layer of this jam on whatever you are eating it with! 
  • HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE TO CHEMICALLY PROCESSED SUGAR AND SAFE FOR DIABETICS: Instead of using cane sugar, which is often the main ingredient in so many other jams on the market, Seol Gong uses Allulose as the sweetener! Allulose is known as the ‘rare sweetener’ because it is naturally found in only a few foods such as jackfruit and figs. Also, Allulose is safe for those who are diabetic because it has little effect on blood sugar. 
  • ENDLESS COMBINATIONS TO EAT THIS JAM: Eat the Seol Gong Strawberry and Raspberry Jam with bread! Such a classic combination! Also, try this jam along with Seol Gong’s Granola options with yogurt! It will be the perfect snack to curb your hunger and sweet tooth without any guilt of indulging in sugar! You will not regret it! You can even add this jam as an option for your charcuterie set up and so much more!


  • You will have no burdens and feeling of guilt eating this Strawberry/Raspberry Jam because it’s not filled with processed cane sugar! Even if you eat the jam in one sitting, it’s only 34 calories! 
  • Allulose is used to sweeten the jam! People with diabetes and obesity can benefit from this sugar substitute because it is low in calories and has little effect on blood sugar. 
  • It’s the perfect sweet and sour combination! The strawberries are very sweet and the raspberries give a slight sour note! 
  • 20g of this jam is only 2.9 calories! 
  • The Strawberry and Raspberry Jam is free from pectin, palm oil, preservatives, and hardened vegetable oil. 
  • Best way to eat the Strawberry/Raspberry Jam: with bread, yogurt, charcuterie, Monte Cristo sandwiches and more! 
  • Ingredients: Strawberries, Raspberries, Allulose, Hibiscus powder 
  • Please refrigerate the jam after opening! 

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