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Samyang Soup Original Noodles(Original, 5Pack)

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  • KOREA’S ORIGINAL INSTANT RAMEN! Created in 1963 and enjoyed by many across the globe ever since! Samyang Ramen is a staple for every home! Enjoy it especially for those late night cravings and for cold weather days! Keep this ramen in stock for every occasion! Take it with you on road trips, overseas and even backyard BBQ's! Ramen is a killer combo with grilled meat! 
  • COOKS IN 5 MINUTES! Boil water and just add dried noodles and toppings! ~BONUS COOKING TIPS~ Add fresh green onions before serving! Also, enjoy the leftover broth with rice! 
  • SIZE: 5 individual packets in 1 bag! Each packet is 4.23 ounces. 
  • FLAVOR: Packed with traditional spicy Korean flavors. The soup base has the best balance of spice and deep flavor! The spice is just enough to give a kick but not overbearing. Anyone can enjoy the flavor of Samyang Ramen noodles!
  • Samyang Ramen is made by the same creators as the famous Buldak Ramen for the ‘Fire Noodle Challenge.’ If you cannot handle the heat from Buldak, enjoy this ramen instead!