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[Rexri] Creative Serum 50ml

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Original price $25.60
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About this item

  • BOOST NATURAL RADIANCE: Unveil the revitalizing Rexri Creative Serum, specially formulated to transform rough skin and texture, leaving it silky soft and deeply moisturized. With its gentle and safe formula suitable for all skin types, you can unlock the benefits of this luxurious serum and attain a radiant, velvety complexion.
  • YOUTHFUL SKIN GLOW: Unleash the transformative power of Rexri Creative Serum. Experience the radiant glow and deep hydration with walnuts, while the "fantastic herb" Eucommia leaf extract corrects and enriches your skin. Unlock your skin's true potential!
  • REJUVENATE SKIN’S ELASTICITY: Revitalize your skin with Rexri’s exclusive blend of plant complex extracts, designed to enhance collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis, rejuvenating your skin's natural elasticity.
  • CALM TROUBLED SKIN: Discover Raffine, J’s expertly crafted formula in Rexri Creative Serum, blending six powerful ingredients to counteract diverse environmental factors. Experience instant relief and soothing for irritated skin, as it is rejuvenated and protected.
  • KOREAN SKINCARE: Raffine J, a Korean company, passionately crafts functional cosmetics that embrace the preservation of beauty as their mission, offering honest ingredient solutions for your skin's ultimate well-being.