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[CoCoFarm] Kitty KF94 Kids-Small

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Size: 10PCS
[Pack of 10] CoCoFarm Kitty K94 Kids, Cute Kitty Design, 3-ply layered mask, Made in Korea 

EXP 03/12/24

  • CERTIFIED KIDS KOREAN KF94 MASKS: This KF94 mask is made with high quality MB fabric that is effective in preventing particles. Made with a specialized filtration system, this product will filter at least 94% of PM2.5 particles to protect your child from exposure to pollutants.
  • UNIQUE BIFOLD DESIGN: COCOFARM Kitty kids masks are designed as bifold also known as 2D masks. Give your children a sleek and sharper look with the same protection and comfort as all the other masks. 
  • UNIQUE KITTY DESIGN: The front part of this kids mask has a cute kitty design! This unique kitty design can help your child stand out from the crowd. Also, this unique design will encourage your child to keep their mask on in every public setting. 
  • BREATHABLE FACE MASK: The unique 2D design allows your child to breathe easier than other types of masks. This mask is a 3-ply layered mask which is made in Korea. 
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: An amazing feature of this mask is the ability to talk without the mask touching your lips! This is the perfect mask to use at school so your child feels comfortable to participate in class and socialize with their classmates without taking their mask off. 
  • DAILY USE: This mask is suitable for everyday use and for any type of activity. This will be your child’s favorite mask to use for school, sports, going out and more!