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[I AM JELLY] Peel Fruit Jelly Candy 20ea 7 Flavors

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Flavor: Mango

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Premium High Concentration Fruit Jelly
You can feel the natural taste of the fruit with the high fruit puree in the jelly.
It's like eating fruits that you peel and it's fun



  • PEELABLE FRUIT DROP: Experience the pleasure of peeling away its elastic outer layer to reveal a soft elastic gel layer that mimics the texture of real edible fruit peel. Peel fruit jelly candy has a crispy outer layer and a soft inner layer, as if gently melting in your mouth, allowing you to fully enjoy different levels of taste changes and be intoxicated.
  • REAL JUICE: With 40% real juice in the fudge, immerse yourself in a real flavor experience that captures the vibrant essence of the fruit.
  • REALISTIC FRUIT SHAPE: Our product is a total of 7 variety (200 grams each, there are 7 flavors of Lychee, Orange, Peach, Shine Musket, Pear Bellflower Root, Honey Yuja and Mango) enjoy the unique fruit candy shape, and increase the pleasure of the senses.
  • Each candy contained is individually wrapped with a secure seal, ensuring fresh and easy storage. It’s convenient to carry, and can be enjoyed deliciously at any time, meeting your snack needs. Whether it's work, study, or travel, you can always feel the sweet enjoyment.
  • Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.
  • Plant-based jelly.