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Green Fig Jam 220g

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Green Fig Zam 

  • GROWN IN KOREA: These Green Figs are grown in a pesticide free environment on an eco-friendly farm in Korea. At the base of a mountain in Joennam Heanam, these Green Figs are carefully grown and dried so you can enjoy figs all year round. 
  • HEALTH BENEFIT OF FIGS: Our fig jam is made without all the added dyes and preservatives that many other jams contain. There are only 2 ingredients in our jam! 60% is our Green Figs and 40% is organic sugar. These Green Figs are a superfood packed with health benefits such as protein, Iron, Calcium, Fiber and Magnesium. *TIP* Spread some Fig Jam on your favorite slice of bread with cheese for a savory and sweet snack! It’s delicious! 
  • ELEVATE YOUR CHARCUTERIE BOARD: Add this fig jam to your homemade charcuterie board for your next gathering! Our MuHwadam Figs are very naturally sweet and will pair very well with a variety of cheeses and crackers. Plus, our fig jam has a very rich amber color which will add a beautiful pop of color to your board. Consider checking out our Fresh Dried Figs to pair it with the jam and add to your charcuterie board as well! They are a match made in heaven! 
  • ENJOY FIGS YEAR ROUND: MuHwadam Figs are professionally raised in Korea and are very popular because people can enjoy the taste of figs in a variety of forms when it is off season for figs. Fig Jam is a perfect way to enjoy the taste of sweet figs for a long time!  
  • STORAGE: Please refrigerate the jam after opening so you can preserve the freshness and taste for longer. Enjoy! 


  • MuHwadam’s Green Figs are grown without any agricultural chemicals! Our jam is made without any added dyes and preservatives so you can enjoy healthy and high quality food.  
  • Only 2 ingredients are included: Green Figs and organic sugar! Trust us when we say that the sweet taste of our Green Figs is more lively than the sugar. 
  • MuHwadam’s Green Figs are raised in a pesticide-free environment on the foot of a mountain at Jeonnam Heanam. Green Figs are a type of Banane species which are known for their natural insect-resistant properties. The Green Figs are special because they are hard to grow and need a particular environment to grow in. However, the farm at Jeonnam Heanam has the perfect environment to cultivate fresh and juicy figs! 
  • Green Figs have a lot of great health benefits! Green Figs are small but packed with Protein, Amino Acids, Sodium, Iron, Calcium, Fiber, Magnesium and Potassium! 
  • Store in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight! However, once you open the jar, place it in the refrigerator to maintain freshness and longevity. 

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