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Freebar Shampoo Bar, All Natural Ingredients,Hair-Loss Prevention, Itchy-Scalp Relief, Safe for All Ages [Made in Korea] (100g)

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Freebar Shampoo Bar 


  • MADE IN KOREA: South Korea is a leading country in the beauty industry! Freebar is a brand that focuses on using natural ingredients that are highly effective and safe to use. Their products come in packages that are eco-friendly and plastic free! 
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: The two most unique and effective ingredients in the Freebar Shampoo Bar are Fermented Wheat Extract and Bergamot Orange extract. Fermented Wheat has a high concentration of Vitamin B which prevents hair loss. The Bergamot Orange extract helps to prevent an itchy scalp! 
  • PREVENTS HAIR LOSS: Do you suffer from hair loss? Unlike many other shampoo bars on the market, Freebar is unique for targeting hair loss and using ingredients like Fermented Wheat Extract. Multiple tests have been conducted to recognize the effectiveness of using this ingredient. Try it for yourself! 
  • SOOTHES ITCHY SCALP: Nothing is more irritating than an itchy scalp that develops throughout the day. The Bergamot Orange extract not only has a fresh and zesty scent, but prevents itchiness all day! 
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES: The whole family can use this product! From infants to adults, the Freebar Shampoo Bar is safe to use for everyone. 


  • Size: 100 g 
  • Ingredients: Sodium cocoyl cethionate, corn starch, sodium cocoyl apple amino acid, glycerin, kaolin trehalose, cetearyl alcohol, sodium hyaluronate, purified water, brewer's yeast extract, niacinamide, nettle extract, apricot seed powder, Rice flour, allantoin, camellia seed oil, turmeric root powder, shea butter, glyceryl stearate, pentylene glycol, caprylyl glycol, plum extract, honeysuckle flower extract, golden extract, adipic acid, bergamot oil
  • How to Use: Open the package, wet the bar, lather the bar to create foam (you can lather the soap directly onto your hair as well), wash your hair with the foam, and rinse your hair thoroughly of all soap.
  • BHA acid is included to help exfoliate and remove dead skin cells 
  • Fermented Wheat extract is one of the main ingredients. Contains a lot of Vitamin B which prevents hair loss. 
  • 30,000 PPM of Fermented Wheat Extract. PPM stands for parts per million which measures the mass of the ingredient per unit volume of water.
  • Bergamot Orange oil is another main ingredient to prevent an itchy scalp 
  • All in one body and hair soap bar. You can feel free to use the bar from head to toe! It is also safe to use for your face. 
  • Foams up very well. Apple amino acid is used to create foam! 
  • It’s recommended to have a pH balance of 3.6 to 5.5 to maintain healthy hair. This bar soap has been tested to create a pH balance of 5.5 on your scalp! 
  • Anyone can use this bar! From infants to adults, anyone in the family can use this bar! 
  • EWG verified. This official seal means that all the ingredients included in this product are safe to use. This is a mark you can trust.  
  • Eco-friendly and plastic free packaging
  • No artificial fragrance and silicone free! 

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