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Low Sugar Granola Soy Protein CoconutX5bags

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  • MADE IN KOREA: The Seol Gong Granola is loved by many in Korea and has amazing reviews! Seol Gong is a company that strives to create delicious but healthy foods that are low sugar or sugar free. The sugar-free food idea was conceived out of the concern for people who cannot consume sugar as freely due to health reasons and simply for people who want to pursue a healthier lifestyle. 
  • HIGH AMOUNT OF PLANT BASED PROTEIN: The Soy Protein and Apple Granola has 44% protein for every 100g, the Soy Protein and Cacao Nibs Granola has 33% protein for every 100g, and the Soy Protein and Coconut Granola has 32% protein for every 100g! Seol Gong recommends eating their granola with milk or yogurt for a double portion of protein in your bowl! Plus it’s delicious! 
  • LOW SUGAR CONTENT: All 3 of these granolas are sweetened with Stevia and Erythritol! Absolutely no cane sugar is used in these granolas but still offer a sweet taste! If you are craving something sweet, the Seol Gong Granola will be able to satisfy your craving! These granolas are safe to consume even for diabetics. It will not spike your insulin levels! 
  • DELICIOUS FLAVORS: Seol Gong offers 3 delicious flavors: Soy Protein and Apple, Soy Protein and Coconut, and Soy Protein and Cacao Nibs. Soy Protein and Apple has a touch of cinnamon to make the perfect combination. Soy Protein and Coconut has the pleasant aroma of toasted coconut chips along with almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Soy Protein and Cacao Nibs with some almonds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds for extra crunch and vitamins/minerals! 
  • PERFECT TO-GO SNACK: The packaging is compact enough for you to take it anywhere you go! It’s the perfect snack to take to work, school, and traveling for people of all ages! Just place one in your bag and enjoy whenever you need a snack. 


  • The founder of Seol Gong wanted to create a food company that provides delicious snacks and foods for people who may have health concerns such as diabetes or those who pursue a very healthy lifestyle and avoid highly sugary foods. 
  • All 3 granolas are made with safe alternative sweeteners to capture sweetness, and uses soybeans and almonds to reduce carbohydrates and increase protein to have a complete balance of sweetness, carbs, and protein. 
  • Tip to increase even more protein intake, eat the granola with milk or yogurt! But it’s very delicious by itself! 
  • The granola is very crunchy due to the puffed oats! You don’t have to worry about your granola being stale or becoming less crunchy! 
  • To sweeten the granolas, Stevia (10%) and Erythritol (90%) are used. 
  • Soy protein is a great alternative to meat based protein because it has no cholesterol and low amounts of saturated fat. Soy protein is also high in Zinc, unlike many other plant-based sources. 
  • 156 calories for the whole bag of Soy Protein and Apple Granola 
  • 146 calories for the whole bag of Soy Protein and Cacao Nibs Granola 
  • 168 calories for the whole bag of Soy Protein and Coconut Granola 
  • Size: 35g 

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